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Legacies: February 1, 2024


100 years ago

Taken from SUN files of
February 1, 1924

Considerable progress has been made in school matters since the destruction of the Pagosa school building by fire last week. Though no classes were held this week, the high school semester tests were duly given at the Methodist church on Monday and Tuesday. All school operations will resume next Monday at the following places, which will be maintained for the remainder of the school term:

Primary, 1st and 2nd grades, former Sparks Hardware Co. store building; 3rd and 4th grades, Odd Fellows’ lodge room, 5th and 6th grades, Baptist church; Junior High and High School, Methodist church.

Plans for a new school building are going ahead daily. Just now the school board is attempting to learn the sentiment of the taxpaying voters as to what amount of money they are willing to vote in bonds for the purchase of a site and the construction of the building.

It has been ascertained that about the sum of $76,000 can be voted for these purposes, based upon the valuation of the school district.

Insurance Adjuster Kreuger arrived Tuesday from Denver and on Wednesday made settlement of the insurance to the full amount, $21,000, which included the building and the equipment. The brick of the burned building was also given to the district without rebate.

75 years ago

Taken from SUN files of
February 4, 1949

The David Hersch Insurance Agency recently donated new raincoats and hats to the Volunteer Fire Department. The coats and hats are a much needed addition to the equipment of the Department inasmuch as they protect the firemen’s clothes while fighting fire and also offer much protection from the weather during the winter. 

The Ski Club of the Pagosa Springs High School, which recently joined the Wolf Creek Ski Club, enjoyed a trip to the Pass this past week-end. There were about 20 members that went.

The snow is well over a hundred inches on the pass now, and perfect for wet snow skiing. An auxiliary tow has been established to carry skiers to the top of the range, and thereby provides a run that is a challenge to even the best skiers.

50 years ago

Taken from SUN files of
January 31, 1974

A December 31 story in the daily newspapers told of Secretary of State Kissinger’s flight from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles on a commercial airliner. Kissinger flew by commercial airline, as had President Nixon, to set an example in energy saving.

According to the story, the first class section of the TWA plan was occupied only by Kissinger, his aides, and Secret Service agents. Stewart Gilbert, pilot of the 707, is an Albuquerque resident, but has a home in the O’Neal Park area here and spends a great deal of time there, especially during the summer.

He has had the home there for several years and is well known to many local residents.

The Pagosa Springs School Band has been performing at the Pirate home basketball games this season. Their music has been enjoyable and adds a lot to the entertainment of the evening. Steve Little is the band director.

25 years ago

Taken from SUN files of
February 4, 1999

The big “Z” word, as in zoning, skipped from mouth to mouth Wednesday night of last week at a joint meeting of the Archuleta County Commissioners and the Upper San Juan Regional Planning Commission.

Billed as a work session, the meeting was called at the request of the planning commission. The planning commission and planning office wanted the commissioners to provide them guidelines concerning work plans and items to emphasize for 1999. That didn’t happen.

Instead, the commissioners received an earful from several people upset with county plans to hire a planner and place that planner as administrative head over the county planning and building departments. Other discussion included advice on how the county can move towards some form of land-use planning, and philosophical statements from each of the commissioners concerning growth.