Top Sites To Buy Instagram Followers: 24 Best Sites That IG Influencers Use


Having a large follower count on Instagram can provide many important benefits.

  • It can make you feel important and give you social media “bragging rights” over your friends who don’t have a lot of IG followers.
  • It can convince Instagram users who happen to see your videos to watch them, because a large number of followers provides “social proof” that what you post is credible, entertaining, or simply worth seeing.
  • If you’re a business, it can let you build brand awareness and promote your products and services to a large and receptive target audience.
  • If you’re an Instagram influencer, it can demonstrate to advertisers that you are popular and influential on the social media app, convincing them to sponsor your posts.

The two last reasons are why building a monster following on Instagram is a key ingredient in a successful social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, though, it’s not easy to build a large follower count; Instagram doesn’t reward users simply because they post high-quality content.

The only way to build your Instagram account popularity is to attract new followers. The only way to gain those organic followers is to make sure that lots of random users — who aren’t already familiar with your content — can see what you post.

And the only way to acquire a large audience is by making friends with the Instagram algorithms, which give the greatest visibility to posts from accounts that are already popular.

If that seems like a Catch-22, it is. How do you tell the algorithms that you’re popular when you really aren’t?

You do it with purchased followers.

The Insta followers you buy aren’t going to become big fans or buy your products. But they will signal the Instagram algorithms that your account is growing in popularity. And your content will receive greater exposure as a result, triggering the organic growth that will boost your online presence.

There’s one more thing to know before pulling out your credit card and rushing to buy IG followers, however. Most websites sell fake Instagram followers generated by bots, which won’t increase your audience, follower count, or popularity. Just about all they can do is get you banned for trying to circumvent the app’s rules by adding follows from fake accounts.

The only Instagram growth services that can do what they promise are the ones that deliver real Instagram followers, who are real people with real accounts on the platform. Since they’re real users, the algorithms see that you’re adding genuine followers and reward you with a larger audience, allowing you to build popularity and importance.

How do you find those reputable, high-quality services? Our suggestion is to use one of these 24 providers that Instagram influencers and major companies use to boost their Instagram presence.

24 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2024


This provider has been ranked as the #1 Instagram service provider by quite a few mainstream and industry publications for several years running, for very good reasons.

The story starts with their extremely high-quality Instagram followers, all real users of the app with real IG accounts, and available in eight different-sized follower packages at very affordable prices. The story’s made even better if you choose to upgrade to Twicsy’s “active followers,” all genuine and active users who post regularly and impress the Instagram algorithms even more.

That’s not all. Twicsy provides instant delivery for all packages, they guarantee the safety and security of all user information by using secure servers and full encryption, and the ordering process takes less than sixty seconds to complete no matter which payment method you choose. An outstanding customer support team is available 24 hours a day.

Accounts are kept safe, too, as Twicsy fully complies with all of Instagram’s terms and conditions and only requires customers’ Instagram usernames to complete orders. There’s no chance of losing your account when you use this high-level service.

Most importantly, Twicsy’s followers trigger greater audience and organic growth than any other competitor can deliver, meaning impressive increases in Instagram presence.

That’s why more influencers and small business users choose Twicsy as their Instagram marketing partner, whether they’re trying to boost the popularity of Instagram pages and Instagram posts or expand their reach and build communities in their target markets.

Buy real Instagram followers from Twicsy now.


Buzzoid may be power users’ second choice, but the provider isn’t far behind Twicsy when it comes to service and results.

Buzzoid can provide packages of 100 to 20,000 real, high-quality followers with fast delivery times, their prices are no higher (and sometimes lower) than those charged by other reputable Instagram services, and they let you opt for more powerful premium followers (essentially the same thing as Twicsy’s active followers) for a small extra charge.

The Buzzoid ordering experience is simple and quick, with payments (PayPal, or debit and credit cards) encrypted and processed securely. Customer support can handle questions or issues 24/7, and experienced reps can supply even larger packages for those who want a lot of followers or combine followers with Instagram likes and views to boost engagement rates.

Many regular Buzzoid clients who’ve also tried Twicsy say the organic growth they’ve seen from each service is comparable, making the two social media services virtually equal in their eyes. The only way to know which will work better for you is to try them both.

Buy real Instagram followers from Buzzoid now.


The number of influencers who rely on Rushmax to supply their real IG followers is smaller but growing quickly. Rushmax has been in business for a few years and has quickly ramped up their offerings and services to challenge the two “big names” in the industry.

In fact, most of the provider’s features are quite similar to Twicsy and Rushmax.

  • All genuine Instagram followers with real IG accounts
  • Packages ranging from 100 to 20,000 real followers
  • Option to upgrade to more effective premium followers
  • Rapid delivery
  • Safe, secure, and fast ordering
  • Customer support available around the clock

Customers say they’ve been surprised and impressed by the power of Rushmax followers, with many reporting that their content’s visibility and their account’s organic growth increased almost as much as they did when they used Twicsy and Buzzoid. Rushmax is definitely worth a look-see.

Buy real Instagram followers from Rushmax now.


InstaPort is a sneaky-good Instagram provider. Most people have never heard of them because they only got into the industry recently, but their team is packed with social media platform experts, allowing them to quickly become a player.

Followers are all real and all high-quality, and the premium followers InstaPort can deliver dramatically increase customers’ audiences and boost organic growth. Packages are available for all sizes of Instagram accounts, they’re delivered quickly, and they follow all of the platforms’ rules so customers’ accounts are never in danger.

The customer experience is outstanding, from ordering and payment to customer support, and those who have tried this newer service have come away impressed with the results that InstaPort can deliver.

Other Reputable Instagram Followers Providers


Prices are a little high, but this service has been doing good work for a long time.


Different approach with a monthly subscription, a decent longtime business investment.

Influence Engine

From Instagram to TikTok, delivers all types of quality interactions somewhat slowly. 


Some clients say “supercharged,” others say “meh”; rather expensive but all real follows.


Sells followers as well as likes, with decent quality and results to match.


Miraculous? No. But genuine followers provide an OK boost in growth with slower delivery.


Quality, delivery, and service are all what you’d expect from a mid-range, heritage provider.

Instagram Growth Experts

Not bad, with lots of offerings and decent prices, but you need patience to see results.

Social Media Superstars

They serve almost all social media apps but can take their time to deliver decent results.

Stairway to Influence

Best for those with new accounts, since the maximum package available is 1,000 followers.


By contrast, doesn’t sell packages smaller than 1,000 follows, but results are often very good.


Wide range of services and platforms serviced, decent prices, results aren’t bad.

Interaction Junction

Delivers followers for 12 social media apps, medium-quality but not bad for the money.


Only large packages available, some power users say the followers are a good investment.


Can provide as many as 100,000 follows (over two months); a rather expensive option.

Champion Media

Defines “average,” but some customers say they’re satisfied with the growth they see.


Longer-than-usual delivery times but offers rather cheap Instagram followers.

Social Boosters

Quick delivery and quality are pretty good, but a better service for YouTube engagements.

Smart Growth Systems

Only sells packages combining IG followers, likes, and views; all real interactions.


Drip-feeds followers over 48 hours, support not always available, but a pretty good option.


Q: Can buying IG followers cost me my account?

A: Not if you’re smart. One of the fastest ways to get banned from Instagram is using the scammy services that sell fake followers mentioned earlier. Since those followers aren’t linked to real accounts on the platform, the system’s algorithms detect and delete them right away, and they often penalize or delete the accounts using them.

When you buy real IG followers from trustworthy providers, however, you’re not violating any of Instagram’s rules so your account is never at risk.

Q: How can I tell if a service sells real followers?

A: You usually can’t, since disreputable websites aren’t going to tell you that they cheat. Recommendations from Instagram power users are usually the best way to find providers you can trust, but most people don’t know influencers or decision-makers at big companies. The best way to stay safe is to use one of the services we’ve listed above; they’re all above-board and they all deliver 100% real followers.

Q: Can’t I just make great videos and wait for followers to find me and spread the word about my content?

A: You’ll be waiting a long, long time. Since Instagram essentially denies small accounts an audience until they’ve become popular, it’s almost impossible to grow your exposure and fan base without a helping hand from purchased followers. The same is true with reaching out to find people with similar interests, using lots of hashtags, optimizing your Instagram profile, and employing other strategies that once worked wonders on Insta. The system is rigged, and buying followers (and other interactions) is the only golden ticket that’s left.

Q: Does it really work?

A: It’s the way so many people have become influencers and so many businesses have built enormous communities on Instagram. Of course, if your videos and photos aren’t interesting and compelling, or you don’t post regularly, you shouldn’t expect to convince many people to follow your account or remain a fan. But if you pay lots of attention to what you’re posting, and you create content that people will want to see, it should work for you as well.