Guidelines for nonprofits


  • You may submit emails articles to inform about events or programming and CEO changes in your organization.
  • Articles should include the who, what, when, where and why of the event.
  • Articles should be in the body of an email or as a Word .doc or .docx file.
  • Do not submit an article until you have checked it for accuracy. Do not make changes once you have submitted the article.
  • All emails should include your contact information.
  • We do not print articles promoting your sponsors or advertising items for sale.
  • Space can be limited and articles may be held for a future week. If you need to have something printed a certain week, you should purchase an ad.
  • Articles should be unique to The Pagosa Springs SUN and PREVIEW — not stories distributed or published elsewhere.


  • We encourage you to provide a quality, high-resolution photo with your story. Photo credit is given to individuals or nonprofit organizations, not businesses. We do not print photos with copyright information. Do not send photos to print that you have not received permission to print or if you have taken them off the Internet. That is a copyright violation and you are responsible for anything you submit.

Preview Covers

  • You may request a PREVIEW cover for your event by emailing Most of these are scheduled in January and February for the year. There is no guarantee you will get a cover.

Contacting Editor

  • Requests of the editor are best sent via email: Due to numerous deadlines and the volume of email, emails will be answered when necessary, as time allows. We receive over 3,000 emails a week and cannot acknowledge every single email that we receive.

Important Deadlines*
*Deadlines are earlier if there is a holiday.
Display advertising: Noon, Monday (All ads in boxes.)
Classified line ads (regular categories): 10 a.m., Tuesday •
Classified line ads (Too Late to Classify): 3 p.m., Tuesday •
Legal advertising: 4 p.m., Friday •
Letters to the editor: Noon, Tuesday (500 word maximum, email to
Cards of thanks: Noon, Tuesday (50 word maximum, email to • limited to one per event
Obituaries: Noon, Tuesday (500 words free if for a resident.We accommodate obituaries after this if at all possible.) email to
Articles: Noon, Monday (email to
*Deadlines are earlier if there is a holiday.

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