11 Best Sites to Buy IG Likes & Enjoy Instant Organic Growth


Instagram began as just another social media platform, but it’s become a powerful marketing tool.

The number of active users Instagram attracts has more than doubled in just a couple of years — and Instagram is the perfect place to grow your (personal) brand. It’s where your target audience goes to explore completely original and quality content and discover influencers, brands, and small businesses.

Anyone with a successful Instagram presence can tell you that focusing your social media strategy on Insta is a wise approach. Unfortunately, the competition is steep. Buying real Instagram likes can help you stand out.

Check out this list of the best sites to purchase Instagram likes and fuel your organic growth!

What We Did to Choose the Best Instagram Growth Sites

Let’s be honest — so many sites advertise IG likes that we couldn’t test them all. Some Instagram marketing sites are left out because we don’t know about them (which means they’re not popular, or at least not in the USA). Others use bot accounts, a practice that violates Instagram’s terms and risks your Instagram account. We didn’t include those, either. 

We compiled a list of reputable Instagram growth services based on prior experience and the features they offer. Our team then bought Insta likes from each service to assess the customer experience and the quality of the Instagram likes. 

Here’s what we looked at to make our initial shortlist:

  • High-quality likes from real people. The Instagram algorithm boosts Instagram pages with quality engagements, and IG likes are among the top metrics the social media platform considers. The best sites to buy IG likes deliver engagements from real users with active accounts, including a decent following.
  • Customizable options. Some sites offer premium likes, let customers split IG likes over several pictures, include video views in the service, or allow users to select their target audience. Many let you choose from a very small number of likes or thousands of likes. 
  • Fast delivery. Some of the best sites to buy Insta likes actually have instant delivery, although many let you pick gradual delivery if you prefer. We generally prefer faster service.
  • A choice of payment methods. Privacy-conscious users may prefer Bitcoin, while many Instagram users prefer convenient options like PayPal, debit cards, or credit cards. Of course, Instagram growth services should always have secure payment platforms.
  • An active customer support team. Whether you need to do some troubleshooting or have questions before purchasing likes, you deserve quality service.

The Instagram services that score well on all points are found at the top of the list, while those that hit some of the most important points but have some disadvantages are closer to the bottom.

1. Twicsy

Instagram users look for social proof. This is one of the reasons buying IG likes is so effective, but the quality of your purchased likes makes a massive difference in the organic growth you can expect. Twicsy gets the top spot because this site has the highest quality likes. 

This site has been in business for at least 10 years now and has refined its delivery strategy to the max. The perks Twicsy offers include:

  • Likes packages ranging from 50 to 10,000 real Instagram likes, including high-quality likes and premium likes. Premium likes come from real Instagram users who practically live on Instagram and have real followers to show for it. 
  • The ability to choose instant delivery or gradual likes that arrive with strategic timing.
  • Free video views on all your IG likes. 
  • A choice to split your likes over different Instagram posts (at checkout). 

We love working with Twicsy because buying Instagram likes is fast and easy, but they also have a responsive customer support team — always good if you’re not quite sure which Instagram likes packages are best for you. Twicsy doesn’t just deliver high-quality likes, but also sells Instagram followers, views, and comments (yes, really!) at affordable prices.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a leading Instagram marketing site that delivers growth services safely, quickly, and efficiently. As with Twicsy, this site sets itself apart by putting customers in charge of their own social media marketing strategy. 

That means:

  • You can buy a lot of likes if you need them, but Buzzoid also offers modest likes packages tailored to small business Instagram profiles.
  • If you’re shooting for the Explore page, Buzzoid’s premium likes are sure to help you get there.
  • Twicsy has affordable prices for all its Instagram growth packages. 
  • Instagram views are included in the service, and users can split the IG likes they buy over several posts.

Buzzoid is the Instagram growth site of choice for Instagram influencers, and you’ll see why if you try their likes packages out. With premium likes, attracting new followers and increasing your Instagram engagement rate becomes so much easier!

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is one of our favorite sites to buy Insta likes. Your Instagram account is in safe hands with this team, which ensures it only works with real accounts, so you never find yourself on the wrong side of Instagram’s terms of service. Instead, you can look forward to improved metrics in all areas — and you may even get to the Explore page or go viral!

Rushmax is so sure it can always deliver prompt and quality service that it offers a money-back guarantee. Your purchased IG likes, which can be high-quality likes or premium likes, arrive within minutes. 

Connecting with your target audience has never been easier, and you’ll soon be able to drive sales through your Instagram page!

4. InstaPort

Are your competitors performing better on Instagram, and are you tired of lagging behind? Boost your Instagram content with InstaPort, a reputable growth site delivering real likes from real accounts. 

It takes only a few steps to decide on the likes packages best for your social media marketing efforts. Once you you finish checkout, your Insta likes come in almost instantly. Talk about efficiency!

In case you were wondering, you can absolutely split the IG likes you buy on a few different photos. Brand awareness is one of the most important things to consider as you build your Instagram profile, and consistent likes across all your Instagram content play an enormous role in that.

5. InstaPlug

InstaPlug may be one of the youngest players in the Instagram growth market (having launched at the end of 2022), but we were very satisfied with the service and the quality of the real IG likes we bought from them. 

InstaPlug’s largest likes packages (regular or premium likes) contain just 2,000 likes. On the other hand, they also offer a tiny number of likes, starting at 10. Not many other sites to buy IG likes have this option, and it makes InstaPlug a nice choice for small business owners. 

6. Social Splish

Any brand hoping to grow and promote its Instagram presence quickly and reliably can also buy real Instagram likes from Social Splish. This site’s quality services extend to all social media accounts in the Meta family, so if you want to do cross promotion on Threads and Facebook, Social Splish can move your social media strategy forward. 

Thanks to its fast delivery, the IG likes you buy usually arrive within an hour of paying. The low drop rate means it’s impossible to detect which likes were from organic followers and potential customers and which came from Social Splish.

Social Splish is more expensive than some other options you’ll find here, but its prices are still fair.

7. FollowersLikesViews

FollowersLikesViews is a full-service Instagram marketing site that:

  • Delivers real Instagram likes quickly. Forget about fake accounts!
  • Makes it easy to get a lot of likes. You may be on the Explore page before long!
  • Has some tailoring. For instance, you can split your IG likes over several posts to ensure all your Instagram content gets seen.

We were satisfied with the high-quality likes we got, but this site’s customer support team isn’t quite as great. (We had to wait a while, and Twicsy is simply nicer to work with.)

8. Insta Catch

This site bills itself as an all-in-one solution to all your Instagram growth woes. It’s one of the few services that sells Instagram comments, which is a great addition if you’re after a higher engagement rate, but it admits that the comments are AI-generated. 

Active users who buy Insta likes from this site can usually look forward to full delivery within 24 hours, but it may take longer if you order a high number of likes. 

9. StratIGize 

StratIGize offers a great opportunity for new Instagram accounts getting ready to build a thriving community with a high engagement rate. Your first 1,000 followers tend to be the hardest to get, and seeing quality interactions gives potential customers social proof, inspiring them to follow suit. 

StratIGize currently sells between 100 and 5,000 regular or premium likes. Fast delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours, and you can always reach their customer support team through the site’s chat feature. 

StratIGize doesn’t take PayPal, and this site charges slightly more than Twicsy and Buzzoid. That may be OK if you order 100 Insta likes, but it adds up if you plan to buy a lot of likes.

10. Insta4Tune

This site says it can help small businesses and Instagram influencers grow their Instagram profiles with ease. It promises to steer clear of bot accounts when delivering IG likes. Because Insta4Tune only sells one type of Insta likes, the quality you get is mixed. The tradeoff? This site is more affordable than many competitors we looked at, although not as reasonably priced as Twicsy, Buzzoid, and Rushmax.

11. Social Bridge

Social Bridge aims to stand out in a world where Instagram growth services are more needed than ever. Unfortunately for them, Instagram has become highly competitive — and social media growth services have grown right alongside this digital giant. 

Social Bridge offers:

  • Real Instagram likes (regular or quality).
  • Fast delivery.
  • Secure payment options.
  • Instagram views with all likes packages.

In our experience, Social Bridge did a good job. All the Insta likes they set us up with were from real accounts. However, the customer experience, checkout setup, and delivery times were all a notch down from the best sites to buy IG likes

Essential Tips Before You Buy Instagram Likes

Have you never purchased likes before? It can be hard to know who to trust — but remember that anyone can create a decent-looking website today! 

Always look for these quality markers:

  • The best sites to buy Instagram likes have a proven history of success and quality service. Most people want to remain anonymous after purchasing likes, but you can find customer reviews on Trustpilot. Twicsy has gained thousands of positive reviews, for example. 
  • Keep an eye on the prices! Some Instagram growth sites have a sneaky tactic where smaller likes packages are affordable, but buying a lot of likes in one order puts you in a position to pay much more. Others actually get cheaper if you buy a high number of likes.
  • Never buy from sites that ask for your IG password. Your Instagram username is always enough information (although you have to specify which posts you want the Insta likes you buy to go to as well). 

Once you choose the best service for your needs, carefully review the Instagram content you’re buying likes for. These posts will stand out, so use clever hashtags, review your captions, and carefully edit your videos or photos. Giveaway posts or posts with polls or open-ended, provocative questions are usually your best bet!

These posts have more visibility than your typical Instagram content, so showcase your small business or personal brand in the best possible light! If you choose the quality content you boost with purchased IG likes carefully, organic followers soon start flooding in — and you’ll notice an uptick in enthusiastic comments.