Weed and Pest Department prepares for spray season


By Clayton Chaney

Staff Writer

The Archuleta County Weed and Pest Department is gearing up for spray season.

Ethan Proud, department supervisor, indicated in emails to The SUN that the department is “about to begin spray operations.”

Proud noted the department incorporates biological control agents in order to control weeds. 

He mentioned that the department’s big projects for this season will include biocontrol of Russian knapweed, leafy spurge control and kochia control along road shoulders. 

Proud noted some important things for the public to know, like that primary roads are treated for noxious weeds and secondary roads are treated on an as-needed basis. 

He explained if community members notice any weeds along secondary roads, “they can call the department and we will add it to the list.”

He also mentioned that the department can be contracted out to treat private properties. 

He noted that the list typically fills up every year by June.

Additionally, Proud mentioned the department can draft management plans for “DIY homeowners.” The plans do not have to include the use of chemicals. 

Once a month, Proud features a noxious weed species in The Preview, offering helpful mitigation tips and ways to identify noxious weeds. 

For more information about the Archuleta County Weed and Pest Department, visit its website at https://www.archuletacounty.org/255/Weed-Pest or call (970) 264-6773.