Congresswoman Boebert’s office releases mobile office hours


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s Office

 Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s Office announced mobile office hours in the coming weeks. 

 Boebert stated, “If you are having issues with a federal agency, or want your voice to be heard, please come to one of our mobile office hours, and a member of my team will be happy to assist you.” 

 Staff from Boebert’s office will be available to help constituents who aren’t getting answers from federal agencies, like veterans seeking to get the care they earned from the Department of Veterans Affairs, travelers that need expedited assistance to receive a passport on short notice, taxpayers being harassed by the IRS, and senior citizens having issues with the Social Security Administration or Medicare. 

Additionally, constituents are invited to come to the office hours to express their viewpoints on legislative issues or request special congressional commendations from the congresswoman recognizing outstanding public achievements. 

Mobile office hours will be available Friday, Sept. 8, in the Ross Aragon Community Center east conference room, 451 Hot Springs Blvd., from 3 to 4 p.m.