Town council approves October date for fireworks


By Dorothy Elder | Staff Writer

After the town’s Fourth of July firework show was canceled due to wildfire safety concerns, the Pagosa Springs Town Council approved Oct. 29 for a makeup show at its Aug. 18 meeting. 

The recommendation was brought to council by Tourism Director Jennifer Green, who was speaking on behalf of the Pagosa Springs Area Tourism Board. 

At that board’s Aug. 9 meeting, members reasoned that the October date is favorable because it gives a chance for the town to attract tourism on a weekend when numbers are typically low. 

Additionally, Green explained that the company responsible for the show cannot set off fireworks if a heavy snowfall has occurred, which made tourism board members favor dates that did not fall in the winter season. 

By chance, there were a few event organizers at the tourism board meeting who expressed enthusiasm for designing a community event with music around the show. 

Overall, council members favored the suggestion, but a few advocated for New Year’s Eve or favored not doing a replacement show at all. 

Green reasoned that the funding is already allocated this year for the show, and a contract between the fireworks company and the town already exists, so it is best to do the show. 

The town council unanimously approved the Oct. 29 date, with a back-up date falling during the town’s Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration. 

Green will now communicate and confirm the date with the fireworks company.