Become a sleuth with Curtains Up Pagosa’s production of ‘Clue: The Musical’


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With six potential suspects, six potential murder weapons and six potential rooms, “Clue: The Musical” is slated to be an interactive theater experience. Curtains Up Pagosa will perform the show — with 216 possible variations — Thursday through Saturday.

Curtains Up Pagosa

In a daring theatrical feat, Curtains Up Pagosa is all set to dazzle audiences with its upcoming production of “Clue: The Musical.” 

But this is not just any ordinary show; it is a unique and captivating murder mystery extravaganza, boasting an astonishing 216 possible variations.

Drawing inspiration from the classic murder mystery board game “Clue,” the talented cast and direction have embraced the challenge of presenting multiple twists and turns in this theatrical rendition. As if mastering lines, cues, blocking, and interactions with sets and props weren’t enough, the cast must be prepared for every potential outcome of Mr. Boddy’s heinous murder.

The adaptation revolves around six suspects, six potential murder weapons and a mansion with nine rooms where the sinister crime could have taken place. Though the rooms have been streamlined to six for the stage, the suspense remains palpable as the cast remains in the dark until the very last moment.

Here’s how it works: At the start of each performance, three lucky audience members are invited by Mr. Boddy himself to select cards from stacks representing suspects, rooms and murder weapons. The choices are then sealed in an oversized envelope, which is kept secret until it’s time for the cast to perform. The outcome of each show is in the hands of the eager audience, making each night’s performance an enigmatic surprise for the actors and theater-goers alike.

Adding an engaging twist, a tenacious female detective enters the scene, eager to interrogate the suspects and uncover the truth. However, the audience members don’t merely observe; they become detectives themselves, armed with their own sheets to piece together the puzzle. Expecting the unexpected, the plot takes unexpected turns, confounding even the most astute armchair sleuths.

The motives behind the characters’ actions add layers of intrigue and complexity to the narrative. Mr. Boddy, who has been caught in the midst of extramarital affairs and business double-crossings, finds himself entangled in a web of deceit and revenge. Each character’s connection to the wealthy victim sheds light on their potential motives, leaving audiences speculating until the very end.

Under the skillful direction of Aaron Bishop, and with the dedication of an exceptional cast, “Clue: The Musical” promises to be a theatrical event like no other. 

So, dear readers, prepare to don your detective hats and get ready to solve the crime in this thrilling, interactive, and utterly captivating whodunit.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the mystery and witness the riveting “Clue: The Musical” in the Pagosa Springs High School auditorium starting from Thursday, Nov. 9. Secure your tickets now and become a sleuth in this mesmerizing theatrical adventure that is bound to keep you guessing until the very end. 

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