Schulte resigns county position


By Karl Isberg

Greg Schulte, Archuleta County administrator since 2008, has announced his resignation and move to a position in California.

In a visit to The SUN office, Schulte said Nov. 16 will be his last day on the job for Archuleta County. He will take a position as assistant county administrator for San Luis Obispo County, in California. That county has 2,400 employees and a yearly budget just short of a half billion dollars.

“I want people here to know this is a unique opportunity. I am not dissatisfied with my position here,” said Schulte.

Schulte and his wife have a long relationship with San Luis Obispo, he said. Schulte attended high school and college in the area and he and his wife once resided there.

“We always had a dream,” he said, “that it would be possible to have a house here and a house there. This is a unique window of opportunity to move back to a place I enjoy. It is a good career opportunity

“I really wasn’t looking to leave; I was content with my position here. These are both special places and we will have a home in both. This community has been wonderful for my wife and me, opening up and letting us be part of the community.”

Schulte said he believes he is leaving a county ready to face the future, on solid terms.

“I have been here for not quite five years,” he said, “and that makes me the second longest serving administrator for the county, ever. I am proud to have been part of this organization and of helping see it through difficult times to a place of stability, with true optimism for the future.

Schulte added he is, “confident in the elected officials and staff, and their ability to carry forward. The community has every reason to believe we are on track and will continue to be so in the future.”

With regard to finding a replacement, Schulte said, “The commissioners will decide on how to approach it — hire a firm or recruit internally. I am sure the effort to replace me will begin very quickly.”

Commission chair Clifford Lucero reacted to Schulte’s resignation, which the administrator delivered to the commissioners at a Tuesday meeting.

“It was a bit of a shock,” said Lucero. “Greg has done a phenomenal job in Archuleta County. He has been an asset not only to the county but to the community.

“Greg came on board at a very difficult time (in the wake of the county’s financial crisis) and he has helped the county become stable.

“We will miss Greg and we wish him the best of luck.”

Lucero said a process for selecting a replacement will be announced soon.