School district launches pilot plan for students on buses


By Jane Parker | Archuleta School District

Archuleta School District’s (ASD) Transportation Department is launching a pilot plan service through a smartphone-based app called Traversa Ride 360. 

The new service provides secure access to a parent or guardian regarding a student’s routing information. Authorized users with a secure link will have access on their smartphone to the information regarding the loading/unloading of their child from the bus, location of their child, the bus route and pickup time.

The Transportation Department currently utilizes GPS so that buses communicate their location to dispatch. This technology allows the district to be aware of any delays or concerns without requiring the driver to call via the radio. Through a pilot program, ASD is making the location technology available to parents and guardians. 

ASD strives to improve students’ transportation experience and communicate clearly with parents and guardians. The Traversa Ride 360 will be an important component of those efforts.

If you have questions, contact or call (970) 264-0392, ext. 9600.