School board continues to look for director for District 4


With a school board seat for District 4 still open, the Archuleta School District (ASD) Board of Education (BOE) discussed ideas at its regular board meeting on Jan. 16 on how to fill the vacancy.

ASD Superintendent Linda Reed explained that the district had not received any candidates, so ASD will advertise the position again.

At the February meeting of the BOE, Reed explained that if the district receives any applicants, the BOE would then interview that candidate.

“We figured it would be out there for about a month,” Reed said.

BOE board member Bruce Dryburgh then offered a suggestion that he would like to be more proactive in filling the position.

“I think that 99 percent of the people who live in this county have no idea what district they’re in,” Dryburgh said.

The current members of the BOE could also call people they know, BOE member Brooks Lindner noted.

Dryburgh then suggested that ASD staff compile a list of people who live in District 4 who have expressed an interest in the past so that the BOE can follow up and see if they are interested in becoming a board member.

Dryburgh’s suggestion then became a motion for the board to vote on.

The deadline would be before the board’s February meeting.

BOE president Greg Schick then advised the board to amend the motion that allows the board to “continue the process again on the board member vacancy, with the comments you made being included in that.”

The board approved the vote unanimously.

The director of District 4 was most recently Lisl Keuning, who resigned from the board at its Nov. 14 meeting.

According to an email from ASD Executive Secretary Robyn Bennett, a person who desires to be considered for the vacant school director position needs to submit a letter of interest by 3 p.m. on Feb. 8.

The BOE plans to conduct interviews on Feb. 13, according to the email.

In a separate email from Reed, she explained that her plan would be to include the interview portion at the next BOE meeting, but it ultimately depends on what the board would like to do.