Poets, quiltmakers, gardeners, bakers and more invited to compete for ‘Best in Show’ status at Colorado State Fair


Along with exciting concerts, livestock competitions, rodeos and annual state fair fun, the 152nd Colorado State Fair is calling all Colorado artisans, photographers, winemakers, inventors, gardeners and many others to enter its General Entry, Fine Arts and Special contests.

The competitions are an opportunity for Coloradans to showcase their hobbies and talents, from artistic paintings or quilts, to local crops and gourmet food creations. Competitions are open to both hobby and professional artists and creators. 

Contests are now accepting submissions. Most online deadlines are July 17; check specific competition for details. 

Local artists of all ages can submit art for the commemorative poster competition to be considered for the 2025 Colorado State Fair. The winning poster will receive $1,500 in prize money and $500 for the state fair’s purchase of the artwork, which might be used to promote the 2025 state fair. The top three posters will be displayed at the 2025 Colorado State Fair.

The Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Competition is one of the longest-running contests at the fair, providing artists from around Colorado to feature their finest works. 

The competition has expanded to include eight categories, in 2-D and 3-D art. In addition, any art created by generative artificial intelligence will be judged under the Digital Art category and use of any AI software will need to be explicitly stated.

Pantry competitions include cakes, candy, canned fruit or vegetables, yeast or quick breads, pickles, preserves, pies and more. Exhibitors who compete in at least 12 different Pantry Divisions are eligible to earn the title of “Royalty of the Kitchen” or “Youth Kitchen Royalty” for those who are 9 and under. The fair also hosts a hobby wine, commercial wine, craft beer, and homebrew competition. 

Farm and Garden divisions include produce — like broccoli, cabbage, corn, peppers, tomatoes and gourds — as well as fruit, herbs, field crops and baled hay. The competitions even include “Nature’s Oddities,” such as Most Misshapen Fruit or Oddest Vegetable. 

The special contests categories range from Funniest Pet Photo to a Pet Rock Competition. The special contests also include a chocolate chip cookie baking competition where home bakers are asked to bake beautiful and delicious desserts. Creations will be judged on appearance, creativity, and taste.

Coloradans can also submit creations and fees online. The general entry office is open in person from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from through July 17, at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo. Experts in each category will judge items, and winners will be revealed on the first day of the Fair.  

General entry and fine arts categories include: Amateur Art, Arts and Crafts, Beer and Wine, Dolls, Agriculture Mechanics, Fine Arts, Floriculture, Needle Arts, Pantry, Porcelain Art, Quilts, and Farm and Garden.

The Special Contests categories include: Poetry, Coloring for all ages. Pet Rock, Funniest Pet Photo, Commercial Wine, Hobby Wine, Craft Brew, and Homebrew.

More information on each category, including specific entry requirements, can be found at https://coloradostatefair.com/competitions/general-entry-fine-arts/. 

Competition winners will be showcased during the entire 11 days of the 2024 Colorado State Fair, from Aug. 23 to Sept. 2, in the Creative Arts and Fine Arts buildings. Visit the Colorado State Fair website for additional details.

The Colorado State Fair is an annual event held in Pueblo that creates an entertaining, inspiring and educational intergenerational experience highlighting the preservation, promotion and exposition of our state’s vibrant and diverse agriculture, industry and culture.