Pagosa Community Initiative to continue after-school program


By Jenna Gannon | Pagosa Community Initiative

Pagosa Community Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing enriching educational opportunities for young minds, is thrilled to announce a new chapter in its journey. 

Over the past two years, the Pagosa Community Initiatives’ after-school program has flourished, thanks to the unwavering support of generous donors and grantees. However, as the availability of COVID-related funding diminishes, the organization is taking bold steps to ensure the continued success of its mission.

In the face of these challenges, the Pagosa Community Initiative is introducing a solution that not only secures the program’s sustainability but also enhances its offerings. Starting this academic year, we are blending the high-quality curriculum of our amazing summer “Get W.I.L.D Child Camp” with our after-school program, creating an affordable, high-quality and safe after-school experience for families in Pagosa and beyond.

The foundation of “Get W.I.L.D Child Camp” rests upon experiential learning opportunities for students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade. Participants engage in a diverse range of activities designed to ignite their creativity, foster teamwork and inspire a love for learning. 

Highlights of the program include Maker’s Days, during which students collaborate on community art projects, explore the culinary arts through interactive cooking classes and immerse themselves in various creative endeavors.

Each Friday promises an Adventure and Culture immersion day, providing students with a chance to explore the world around them in a unique and meaningful way. Adventure activities such as hiking, climbing and swimming, coupled with cultural outings to renowned institutions and locations across the southwest, form the backbone of these unforgettable experiences. Guided by a curriculum rooted in culture, land and activity, participants will develop an adventurer’s mindset, nurturing curiosity and a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of their surroundings.

“We believe that every child deserves access to enriching educational experiences that empower them to explore, learn and grow,” said Mason Blakemore, adventure coordinator at the Pagosa Community Initiative. “By merging the successful elements of our ‘Get W.I.L.D Child Camp’ with our after-school program, we are creating an environment where these young people can thrive and discover their potential.”

Safe, consistent transportation will be provided from Pagosa Springs Elementary School and Pagosa Springs Middle School to our program and our schedule follows that of the school district for break. Families eager to secure a spot for their children in this program can sign up now and reserve their place for the fall semester by visiting 

The Pagosa Community Initiative’s mission is to create interactive opportunities that honor culture and diversity to provide Archuleta residents with services that increase wellness and engagement for a better quality of life. In addition to our youth programming we also provide family education support as well as community classes and more.