Historic Preservation Board to present ‘Into the West’ on the big screen

By Rachel Novak

Special to The PREVIEW

“Into the West” is a six-part miniseries directed by Steven Spielberg.

The miniseries begins in the 1820s and is told mainly through the third person narration of Jacob Wheeler and Loved by the Buffalo, although episodes outside the direct observation of both protagonists are also shown.

The plot follows the story of two families, one white American, one Plains American Indian, as their lives become mingled through the momentous events of American expansion. The story intertwines real life characters and events spanning the period of expansion of the United States in the American West, from 1825 to 1890.

This is a free film series and guests are welcome to purchase snacks and beverages at the Liberty Theatre.

Showings will start Thursday, May 19, at 6 p.m.

The film has been edited to allow for younger audience members to participate in this presentation event as well. The Historic Preservation Board hopes to see you there.