Healthy Archuleta working with six interns


Here at Healthy Archuleta, we have the honor of hosting six dynamic, eager, bright, responsible and employable youth interns through the Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation. 

Healthy Archuleta began onboarding interns two weeks ago. We currently have three young adults and three high school students. 

They have been extremely helpful in helping us critically examine our efforts to improve access to primary preventive care and nutrition security. 

Despite having little to no experience in research and community outreach (other than our two veteran interns), they have dived into the work. They have gotten a crash course in everything from farming and ranching to randomized sampling for research polls. 

We couldn’t be more pleased with the youth that we are working with and want to take the time to acknowledge their substantive contributions to our organization and declare to our community how powerful youth are as allies and colleagues in every endeavor. 

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