Enroll now for free square dance class

Photo courtesy Sue Hamlet
Caller Carla Roberts will continue to teach simple calls that are quick to learn in a fun, easygoing and free introduction to square dancing next Wednesday, Jan. 24.

By Carla Roberts

Special to The PREVIEW

Kick up your heels with the Wild West Squares and learn how to square dance. Wednesday, Jan. 24, is the next class continuing the open enrollment period for new dancers. Class is from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse at 230 Port Ave. Call Carla Roberts now to enroll at 903-6478. All classes are free. The Wild West Squares offers a modern approach to the uniquely American tradition of square dancing. Roberts teaches simple calls that are quick to learn in a fun, easygoing and free introduction. Looking for something to do in Pagosa? If you can walk at a brisk pace, you can square dance. Dancers may walk three to four miles per evening without even noticing, while burning 300 to 800 calories, improving cardio condition, strengthening bones and lowering blood pressure. Square dancing helps maintain your balance, coordination and range of motion. Stay focused and challenged Classes are mentally stimulating. People who start modern square dancing soon realize that it’s a “thinking person’s activity.” The interaction with the caller and the other dancers to complete a movement successfully keeps the mind sharp, focused and challenged and it’s noncompetitive. Square dancers dance for the excitement of working through the sequences successfully. There are no winners, losers or champions, just people having fun. In this new dancer course, Roberts will teach at the basic level, so new dancers can quickly master enough calls (or dance steps) to experience the exhilaration of dancing in a group setting. The class focus is for everyone to have an enjoyable dance session while learning the building blocks of square dance. This is a fun, easygoing and free class open to families, couples and singles. The suggested age for children is at least 8 years old. For more information, call 903-6478.