End of Life Education group to meet twice in July


End of Life Education (ELE) will continue in July for those who want to complete their lives with as much quality and control as they have lived.

ELE is the name decided on for the meetings arranged by a volunteer group of concerned community members who want to complete their lives with the same quality and responsibility as they lived. We are discussing all topics related to the end of life.

We will be meeting two consecutive Mondays in July, July 15 and 22, with the time being 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., using the library’s large meeting room. 

If you would like to bring cookies, coffee and tea will be available.

On July 15, we will have a guest speaker, Dr. Joanna Estes, who will share relevant information from her long experience of being an MD and dealing with death. 

Her main emphasis will be Colorado’s End-of-Life Options Act, which covers access to medical aid at the end of life. She will answer questions.

Since this is such a difficult topic to think about, we will meet the following Monday, July 22, at the same time in the same location to continue the discussion. 

Most likely the second Monday will have a much smaller group, giving time for individuals to share their feelings and experiences.

Feel welcome to join us. This is a difficult topic which seems to go better when fellow humans join together to deal with it since all of us are faced with the same end. Most people find that topics like this are empowering and helpful for living life to the fullest. It can be very positive and affirming.