County, chamber E-Cycle event Oct. 25-26


By Mary Jo Coulehan

Special to The SUN

The Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Archuleta County Solid Waste Department, will host the fourth annual E-Cycle event Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25 and 26.

This year’s e-cycling will take place at the Archuleta County Transfer Station on Trujillo Road.

As of July 2012, it has been illegal to dispose of your electronic devices in a landfill. This includes televisions, computers, monitors, CPUs, keyboards, scanners, printers, cell phones and other similar electronic equipment.

We will join the Cortez community in their e-cycling efforts, held the same weekend. The Pagosa event will send off a truckload of items to an appropriate location where the electronic equipment will be dismantled and disposed of properly.

Since there is a cost for disposing of the equipment once it is delivered, as well as for transportation, there will be costs associated with e-cycling your equipment.

Costs are as follows:

• CPUs, desktop printers and scanners — $6.

• Monitors, laptops and TVs (up to 27 inches) — $16.

• TVs over 27 inches — $26.

• Keyboard, mouse and cords — $1.

• Cell phones, Gameboys, CDs and DVD players — $1 to $3.

• Laptop batteries and inkjet cartridges — $2.

You can obtain a more detailed listing of the costs at the Chamber of Commerce office.

Volunteers at the transfer station will accept the equipment, then load and wrap it for proper disposal.

Hours of the E-cycle event are noon-3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25, and 10 a.m.-noon Saturday, Oct. 26.

Cash or checks will be accepted.

To volunteer, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 264-2360.