Colo. 151 full closure to begin next week


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is continuing culvert replacement work on Colo. 151, with a 24/7 full closure set to begin on Friday, Oct. 13, at 5 p.m. 

The road is anticipated to reopen to motorists after seven days on Friday, Oct. 20, at 5 p.m. The closure points are located on either side of the project site, 5 miles south of the U.S. 160 Junction near Chimney Rock National Monument at mile point (MP) 28. 

Implementing a full closure of CO 151 will reduce the amount of work time and traffic impacts required at this location. Work includes the installation of two new concrete box culverts, rebuilding and resurfacing of the roadway and re-establishing proper water drainage in the area.

In April, CDOT was alerted of erosion issues on the shoulder of the highway caused by heavy spring run-off in Stollsteimer Creek. Maintenance crews completed temporary repairs in May and permanent structures are expected to be in place by late November.

Travelers are reminded that Chimney Rock National Monument’s visitor center and visitor services will be closed for the winter season beginning Monday, Oct. 16.  

With the seven-day, around-the-clock closure in place, motorists will need to use U.S. 160 and Colo. 172 as an alternate route. Travelers are advised that a resurfacing project is also occurring on Colo. 172, between Ignacio and Elmore’s Corner, at the U.S. 160 junction. Delays up to 30 minutes can be expected on Colo. 172 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., depending on traffic volumes. Visit for Colo. 172 project traffic impacts.   

Traffic impacts 

Motorists will encounter daytime and nighttime closures between Arboles and the U.S. 160 Junction Oct. 13-20. Traffic impacts will include:

• The south closure point is located at MP 28.1, north of Old Gallegos Road.

• The north closure point is located at MP 29, south of Cabazon Canyon Road.

• Do not attempt to bypass road barricades at the closure points.

Travelers are encouraged to seek alternative routes and check for the most current road conditions.  

Remember: Slow for the cone zone

The following tips are to help you stay safe while traveling through maintenance and construction work zones.

• Do not speed in work zones. Obey the posted speed limits. 

• Stay alert. Expect the unexpected. 

• Watch for workers. Drive with caution. 

• Don’t change lanes unnecessarily. 

• Avoid using mobile devices such as phones while driving in work zones. 

• Turn on headlights so that workers and other drivers can see you. 

• Be especially alert at night while driving in work zones. 

• Expect delays, especially during peak travel times. 

• Allow ample space between you and the car in front of you. 

• Anticipate lane shifts and merge when directed to do so. 

• Be patient.

• Download the COtrip app.  The free COtrip Planner mobile app was designed to meet the growing trend of information on mobile and tablet devices for the traveling public. The COtrip Planner app provides statewide, real-time traffic information and works on mobile devices that operate on the iOS and Android platforms.