Can you use Colorado driver’s license services in Archuleta County?


By Jamie Jones | Archuleta County

Archuleta County Commissioner Warren Brown has been working with the Colorado Department of Revenue to bring the DMV2GO program to town and save you the expense and time needed to get these services in another county. 

Services provided by DMV2GO include first-time Colorado driver’s license or ID cards, out-of-state transfers, issue and/or renew driver’s license, permit, identification card, motor vehicle records, reinstatements and more. 

DMV2GO does not offer driver testing. 

This program has been tentatively scheduled to begin in Archuleta County toward the end of May. 

In an effort to help determine the number of staff needed to provide this mobile program, the county is asking those in need of these services to call (970) 264-8300 or email and let them know if you plan on using DMV2GO services in May. Or, you can answer the poll here: