Calling all backyard growers: Food Distribution Center looking for freshly grown produce


Healthy Archuleta

Do you often find yourself figuring out what to do with all the fresh lettuce or squash your garden just produced? Do you wish someone could take some of this harvest off your hands to prevent any of it from going to waste? 

Look no further. 

The Food Distribution Center helps provide food to all seven of the local food pantries in Archuleta County, and they are looking for people like you to help those in need with your freshly grown local produce. 

Prices on the shelves of grocery stores continue to rise along with the overall cost of living, and some people are getting left behind in being able to provide healthy food for their families and themselves. Sharing your available, fresh food is one of the easiest ways to create a community of happy and healthy individuals. 

The food pantry network provides food to hundreds of people in our community on a weekly basis and more are expected to take advantage of their resources as this year continues. 

Your fresh produce contributions are a phenomenal way to ensure everyone has a chance to receive some nutrient-packed fruits or veggies this summer. 

To make your donation, please email us at and check out for more information on donating.

We look forward to seeing you and your freshly harvested produce soon.