Your health matters: 9Health Fair set for April 28


By Constance d’Angelis

Special to The PREVIEW

By caring for the health of your mind and body, you create a cascading effect on the world around you. Those who care about you and depend on you are not the only ones affected. It’s like a snow fall that covers the earth, trees, buildings and mountains, or a pebble dropped into a calm pond of water and ripples out. Your good health creates an effect that is felt throughout the community. You are offering a gift to others, including your pets, animals you care for and how the world considers its health. Take charge of your health. We at the 9Health Fair recognize the importance of your good health to you, those close to you and our community. As a health service, we are offering special testing, screening and educational opportunity. This year, the fair will be held at Pagosa Springs High School on April 28. For a minimal cost of $35, you can get a general blood chemistry, which includes a blood sugar test. Did you know that over 100 million Americans, with seniors topping the list at approximately 25 percent of the population, are either diabetic or pre-diabetic? This potentially life-threatening and painful malady can be nipped in the bud through shifts in physical and mental changes that you can make on your own without drugs and surgeries. You can do this before having to become involved with substantial medical intervention like insulin shots, loss of peripheral nerve function leading to a disease listed at, requiring surgery, heart disease and the other horrible effects of this disease. But, first, you need awareness. Glucose testing is part of the Health Fair basic testing package. One of our volunteers was having tingling in his feet and hands, urinating often, feeling very thirsty and fatigued. Through the glucose testing, he discovered that he was pre-diabetic. He’s made the lifestyle shifts needed and now he’s feeling quite well with no need for drugs. He opted for an optional, more extensive glucose testing (A1c), but it was worth it. He conjured the mental discipline to make the changes that only he could make. He lost 20 pounds and has more energy than he has for 10 years. He started skiing again. Your health matters. Take charge and join us at the high school on April 28 from 7 to 11 a.m. for the annual Health Fair. Or, volunteer to help out. If you have questions or interest in volunteering, contact Constance d’Angelis by text/call (813) 373-8004 or email Help yourself and your community through your healthy awareness.