Wisdom from a generation



By Betty Slade

Yesterday’s men and women are today’s sage. Seekers, who have leaned on God’s wisdom. They are those who have searched his word, believed his promises and stood on his principles. They have seen the realization of their own souls and possess the voice of God’s truth and light.

Wisdom is relevant and crosses generational lines if there is an ear to hear. For the sage, there is no agenda. They don’t possess their own truth or care about others’ perception or voice. Their words need only to come from the heart of God. Their discipline, to remain silent until it’s time to speak. 

As a disclaimer, several of the statements in this article are borrowed from John Eldredge’s book, “Fathered by God.” He writes about the position of a sage, the last stage of a man’s life. That man has lived and experienced the weight of winters, and is moving toward the end of his mortality with nothing to lose.

Not like other stages of a man’s life: The cowboy who needs adventure to prove himself. The warrior who must fight for what he believes in. Or the king, who rules his kingdom. As for the sage, presence is enough. 

In today’s world, these stages seem to have a fading value. 

Eldredge writes, “We worship adolescence. Our heroes are the young and handsome. ‘The winners.’ We’ve worshiped adolescence because we don’t want to grow up, don’t want to pay the price of maturity.”

We see this in our churches and meetings places today. Where leaders focus on the “all-knowing,” instead of those whose simply want to hear from the heart of God. 

CEOs of companies are experts in their field. Many have built their business without turning to God for direction. They know how to run a company, be successful, make money and buy pleasure. Their knowledge is credible and praised, even if their finished result is outside of the will of God. 

The sage has his ear directed toward God; his leading is of a higher power. He waits to hear from God before he gives advice, and lets that stand its own test of time. 

Proverbs 12:19: “The truthful lip shall be established forever …” (NKJ).

During our family’s vacation, our grandson asked my Sweet Al to tell him some stories. He wanted to have them recorded for his podcast. He asked about his younger days and what he thought was important. 

From that, our grandson recognized the wisdom of his granddad. In return, my Sweet Al was made to feel honored and valued for his heart toward God. 

Unfortunately, not all of today’s discussions between the older and younger generations resonate with such meaning. We are in a time when living and leading is done under man’s own terms. It is no wonder that it seems like people are losing their minds as they wrestle themselves to the ground, seeking their own achievement. 

As for the sage, their lack of voice is no matter. Their confidence reflects their experience. It is infectious to those who sit in observation. Their wisdom is an unshakable foundation. Their stature is greater than any title or position. 

Final brushstroke: A generation will come and go. Unfortunately, that loss may mean the absence of wisdom if it is not captured and taken to heart. For the sage, they need not blow their own horn or boost of their kingdom building. They know who they are and find comfort in the presence of him who built them. Their beauty is who they are, in the company of “One.” 

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