WHIPS to meet for Thanksgiving meal Nov. 18

By Lauri Ricky

Special to The PREVIEW

Women Helping in Pagosa Springs (WHIPS) will gather at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 18, at The Buffalo Inn for a full Thanksgiving meal.

The Buffalo Inn is located at 164 N. Pagosa Blvd.

Lunch is $15 this one time only and the group will continue to collect donations for the food bank.

WHIPS is a voluntary group that meets monthly and collects and donates cash to community members in need and also has a scholarship fund for needy students. It is a wonderful way to connect with community-spirited neighbors and there is no pressure or obligation to donate.

Drop-ins are welcome, although it does help the venue when they know approximately how many will be attending. If you would like to participate and are not already on the call list, please contact Cindy Gustafson at 731-2105.

For further information, visit our website, www.pagosawomen.com, and Facebook page, WHIPS — Women Helping In Pagosa Springs.