We carry the light


By Betty Slade | PREVIEW columnist

Why do we spend so much time and energy learning how to write and create extra work for ourselves? Because we believe our words will carry the light to the next generation.

We are paying forward what we have learned in godly principles and spiritual truths, and we are leaving behind a light on the path for others to follow. Not that we have a corner on the market for light, but we’ve walked by faith on a path that others have left for us to walk.

In these last days, the Bible says believers will fall away and many will be led astray. We trust we are pointing others in the right direction and, hopefully, have not led anyone down a dark path.

My writer friend is in the process of publishing a children’s book with illustrations. When I heard the story, I was stirred to my core. I believed this story will survive the test of time. It has the elements of a classic. I told her I wanted her book to be read over and over to my great-grandchildren. I want them to tell people they were raised on a book about Mabel the Cow, titled “The Cow Spoke and Jesus Woke,” and her story made a difference in their lives.

In the darkest of days, many simple nursery rhymes were written. They have been passed down through time. Each era leaves behind something for future generations to learn.

Many simple little rhymes were written in a tumultuous time of conflict, dark culture and injustice, such as “Three Blind Mice.” The mice are believed to be three Protestant loyalists who were accused of plotting against Queen Mary I (1516–1558), Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill fell down the hill— their lyrics speak of their origins and dark history.

Ring Around the Rosie — considered of plague-origin, some suggested the rhyme is actually about a ban on dancing among Protestants and the way that people went about circumnavigating it.

Are we passing on the light? I feel we need to apologize for the condition of this world we are leaving to our children and their children to face.

God places spiritual strength and resurrection strength in every generation. He reveals Himself to each individual if they surrender to Him. We’ve been given the gift of words to carry that knowledge. That’s why we write.

I’ve wondered why these days are so dark. I believe truth has been compromised. Light and truth go hand in hand. Whatever we are passing down to those who follow us, we trust the Lord will bring light to the truth. As I read in the Book of John, he said he wasn’t the light, but was pointing to the light, and the Messiah had come and is the light of the truth.

Have we passed down the light or did we do what Ezekiel warned the children of the fathers about? Don’t use the Israelite’s bondage as a proverb against their fathers. He was saying don’t use what your fathers did as a crutch for your sin. You will also answer for your sin. And, yes, we have.

“The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge. Behold, all souls are Mine. The soul of the father and the soul of the son is Mine ... The son of the father shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son.” — Ezekiel 18:2, 20 (NKJ).

To be honest, we’ve all eaten sour grapes and I know we’ve set our children’s teeth on edge at times. Over the years we’ve made amends for our walk. Hopefully the next generation will make amends for its walk.

As I listen to the nonsense that is happening today, I want to say don’t believe the foolishness and empty words of men. Search for the Truth and Light. And yes, each generation will answer for their ways.

There is spiritual strength in every generation and resurrection strength in every life. My Sweet Al and I have fought the fight for truth and won. We have survived and have found peace and light in these dark places and dark days. It will be up to our children and their children to fight the fight of faith for truth and light.

Final brushstroke: The Lord doesn’t hold us responsible for what we don’t know. We’re only responsible for what we do know. Maybe that’s why we continue to write books, and produce articles and ideas. We hold ourselves responsible for what we know. We believe we are holding the light for some weary soul to find the path of Life on which he must walk.

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