Vicenti Lujan, legendary cowboy and plainsman


Vicenti Lujan’s life contained all of the elements that excite people fond of western movies.

He was a veteran cowboy and plainsman who, for 15 years, worked for the Thatcher Cattle Company.

He was a native of South Dakota, where he was born in 1854. He came to Pagosa Springs in 1891.  His father was born in Spain and his mother was a Sioux. He passed away in May of 1946 at the age of 87, leaving many descendants in this community.

Ben K. Lynch was born in Glenwood Springs, Colo., Sept. 21, 1910. He was educated in Leadville, Colo., and graduated from Capitol College of Pharmacy in Denver. In 1933, he moved to Durango and married June Hughes in 1935. The couple moved to Pagosa Springs a few days later where he managed and later bought Jackisch Drug Store. He was very active in community affairs. He and his wife had sons Ben, Jack A. and Casey.

Adelina Maria Lucero was born March 30, 1891, in New Mexico and died during July of 1963. Her husband was Emeterio Lucero and their children were Mrs. Mary Martinez, Mrs. Manuel Gallegher, Mrs. Lorena Gaston, and sons Paul, Salvador, Arnold, Benjamin and Ernest.

Alberto Lucero, a long-time resident of the Trujillo area, was born at Conejos, Colo., July 4, 1887, and died Nov. 23, 1964.

Estevan Feliberto Lucero was born Dec. 7, 1891, at Costillo, Colo. He married Anna Chavez at Parkview (Los Ojos), N.M., in 1917. He passed away in January of 1963. His sons were Fred, Gilbert, Isaac, Phil, George and Herman.

Manuel O. Lucero was born September 6, 1876, at Conejos, Colo., and moved to the Trujillo area in 1891. He passed away March 6, 1960, having never married.

Maria Isabel Lucero was born Nov. 5, 1875, in Garcia, Colo., and moved to Pagosa Springs at an early age before passing away in 1959.

Requel Lucero was born at Costilla, Colo., January 30, 1886, and passed away May 31, 1974.

Callisto Luchini was born March 4, 1895, at Brookside, Colo., and died in September of 1977. He married Catherine Procarione in 1927 at Allison, Colo., southwest of Pagosa Springs.

Consolacion Garcia was born March 19, 1884, at Saguache, Colo., and moved with her parents to Archuleta County while very young. She married Emilio Lujan at Lone Tree (on Cat Creek Road southwest of Pagosa Springs) Sept. 18, 1916. Their children included Santana, Phil, Ruby and Della, and adopted son Chris Garcia. She passed away in August of 1962.