Veterans Memorial Park of Archuleta County sells commemorative bricks to honor veterans

2020/06/vmp-meeting-300x148.gif Photo courtesy Bill Beno
The Veterans Memorial Park board of directors held its June 11 meeting outdoors at the park. Pictured are, left to right, Rick Walker, Jim Huffman, Trista Nauman (board members), Diane Gutman (guest, volunteer), Karin Daniels (board president) and James Van Leier (board member).

By Richard Walker

American Legion Post 108

The Veterans Memorial Park (VMP) board of directors held its June 11 meeting outdoors at the VMP. The weather was lovely at 9 a.m. and we all enjoyed being outdoors and at the park. 

In attendance were board President Karin Daniels and board members Jim Van Liere, Trista Nauman, Bill Beno, Jim Huffman, Raymond Taylor and Rick Walker.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new trash receptacle for everyone visiting the park to use. Please only deposit your picnic trash, nothing from home. We also now have a “Porta Potti” at the park.

Our “Brick Display,” which will hold the commemorative bricks we are selling to honor the veterans in our families, is being fabricated now and should be installed soon this summer. Board member and engineer Van Liere showed us where the installation will be placed, and we all look forward to its installation and dedication. An announcement will be forthcoming to inform every one of that date.

Trail improvement is planned for later this month, with Beno leading the charge on that project with his tractor. After the trails are further cut, we will work to remove debris and then install bark mulch on the trails for easier walking. 

A weed mitigation plan is also evolving to improve the look and usability of the park areas. Down the road awhile, we plan to expand the parking area to double its current size.

As the meeting was ending, we noticed a young lady in a safety vest picking up trash in the park. She has been doing this every Thursday all on her own without anyone asking her to do it. Now that’s volunteerism.