UUs to consider the Earth-centered traditions of the Hopi people


By Pauline Benetti

Special to The PREVIEW

The Hopi people have lived as an agrarian culture in the southwestern United States for thousands of years. The village of Old Oraibi on Third Mesa, Hopi Arizona, is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in North America as determined by archaeologists. In her talk this Sunday, our presenter, Judith Jubb will speak from her life-long interest in Native American peoples and her extensive work with the tribes to reveal the spiritual teachings of this Earth-centered tradition.

Using natural talents in dowsing for water and buried artifacts, she has helped to reclaim Indian lands in Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona, as well as a burial ground on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Hopi are of particular interest to her and, in this talk, she will speak of their cosmology, seasonal festivals, initiations, their trademark crafts, communal life, their relationship with Mother Earth and how they navigate in the modern world. Ancient peoples such as the Anasazi, the series of migrations worldwide for thousands of years, and a magical view of the Universe and life on Earth will be shared. All are welcome.

Jubb studied art history at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore and European Illuminated Monastic manuscripts in Colorado Springs. Her professional career has been as an art and estate appraiser. Jubb is the founder of The Metempyrion Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit charity. She is a published author and known artist.

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