Town election results


As of 11:10 p.m. this evening, all of the ballots have been tallied and the results are in for the 2014 Pagosa Springs municipal election.

After 38 years of service to the community, Mayor Ross Aragon announced earlier this year he would be stepping down, thus leaving his position open. That position will now be filled by Donnie Volger who garnered 319 votes.

There were three other people running, with the closest contender being Shari Pierce who earned 149 votes. Mark Weiler received 85 votes, while Paul Nobles pulled in 26 votes.

While C. K. Patel and John Egan ran unopposed for the two district seats on town council vacated by Don Volger and Darrel Cotton, the seat held by Kathie Lattin was challenged by Mat deGraaf.

The results of that election are that Lattin received 101 votes while deGraaf received 94 so Lattin will serve on town council for the next four years.

There were also three ballot issues before the voters this year.

The recreation center issue received 159 votes for and 423 votes against, while 292 people voted to pay the mayor and town council members a salary and 291 voted to keep those positions as voluntary. The issue of solidifying the power of the municipal court passed by 80 votes.