Town discusses priorities, highlights skate park


The Pagosa Springs Town Council conducted a second work session recently to finish talking about its list of goals, objectives and action items.

This list was originally developed during several marathon work sessions held last summer, some facilitated by Town Manager Greg Schulte and some by Ken Charles from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. The purpose of the two smaller work sessions this summer was just to revisit the existing list, see if it needed any adjustments and make sure it would be useful as a guide for the 2016 budget process.

The council met on July 16, but only got through its first two goals, so the purpose of the July 31 meeting was just to finish up with its third and fourth goals. Nonetheless, Schulte began by asking if there was anything else that needed to be said about Goal 1 or Goal 2.

Council member David Schanzenbaker said he wasn’t sure which goal it fit under, but he did want to talk about one project in particular — the skate park.

“I really think that’s something we need to consider for next year,” Schanzenbaker said. “Phase II is something the skaters have been working on for 10 years now. It sounds like Mike Musgrove (the chairman of the town’s parks and recreation commission and the president of a grassroots organization called the Skaters’ Coalition for Concrete) is working towards getting another estimate to get better numbers as to what the actual cost will be.”

The Skaters’ Coalition conducts fundraising events every year — usually a skateboarding competition in the summer and a snowboarding rail jam in the winter — and has secured donations from several local businesses. In addition, it has garnered pledges of in-kind support once construction begins.

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