Tip a Nerd will help team travel to Global competition

By Joanne Irons

Special to The SUN

The Pagosa DI Nerds are still working to raise the money for Destination Imagination Global competition in Knoxville, Tenn. on May 21. They are over the halfway mark, but need to raise an additional $4,000. Tip a Nerd is another fundraising event to get them closer to their goal.

Wednesday, May 14, from 5:30- 7:30 p.m., The Rose Restaurant will offer three special menu choices and the Nerds will become your servers for the event. All the tips generated for the evening go to the Nerds: Addie Thompson, Miah Pitcher, Brooke Bowdridge and Blake Irons.

The DI Nerds have been together since third and fourth grade and have earned their way to Globals three times by competing and advancing regionally, and then competing to represent Colorado by finishing in the top three to advance to Global competition in Tennessee. The Archuleta County School District funds the extracurricular program through state competition, but, like all other nationals for any competition, it is up to the team or the individuals to get their own sponsorship or funding to continue.

Pagosa Springs’ Destination Imagination program has proven to be quite successful as there were two years that four teams qualified to advance to Globals and twice now Pagosa Springs has been represented in the top 10. The Imaginators and the Nerds have seen their name on the big screen at the closing ceremonies.

Destination Imagination has many components to it, from science, technology, math and engineering. It promotes critical thinking, problem solving, time management, teamwork and collaboration. The instant challenge, a part of the competition, gives appraisers a snapshot of how well a team is put together by using skills developed through their time spent together. The Central Challenge chosen by the team often shows their personality. The DI Nerds have been drawn to the fine arts challenge and have earned awards along the way, including the Spirit of DI, Renaissance and the DaVinci awards.

On May 21, 16,000 people with 8,000 students from 15 different countries will be attending the Global Final event in Knoxville. The Nerds, with team managers Matt and Cheryl Bowdridge, will be there representing Pagosa Springs High School, our community and the state of Colorado. Please come to The Rose Restaurant for dinner and wish them well by tipping a Nerd.

Any questions or ways that you would like to help? Please contact Cheryl Bowdridge at 903-9147.