The effects of domestic violence run deep


By Cheryl Bowdridge

Special to The PREVIEW

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is not a time for us to just feel sorry for those who have survived domestic violence or for those currently experiencing domestic violence. Instead, it’s a time to, yes, be absolutely compassionate for those affected, but also to be reactive to end its widespread effects.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a time for us to become educated about the epidemic of violence that surrounds us. It’s a time to educate ourselves and understand that it happens every day — it happens in our workplaces, churches, schools, and among our friends and families.

Domestic violence does not know race, religion, social status or gender. Domestic violence affects one in four women and one in 18 men in their lives. If you take into consideration those statistics, it is very likely that someone you know is affected by domestic violence.

This is not an epidemic that hurts one person or one family. This is a community problem and the only way to make it better is to become aware and educated.

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