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Should all leaders be trusted in power? We know from great leaders of the past that character must be forged and worth is to be measured by the scars he wears. His sacrifice, putting the concerns of his people above his own. 

Entrusted to lead a community, a family, a church or a business, a true leader is one whose heart serves gladly. He willingly lays down his life for those who he’s been given authority over.

A good leader thinks of how to make things better, regardless of the situation. A bad leader thinks only of himself, his financial gain or the power he seeks.

We see questionable leaders all around us. There are those who have been given power they are not capable of handling. Perhaps it is due to compromise or brokenness. Whatever the case, this leader will bring ruin to whoever he leads and to everything he touches.

On the contrary, there is another type of leader. Like a soldier willing to fight for his homeland, he is not interested in the praise or parade. He knows his honor by the wounds he carries. 

Those who take the lead come in all designation. My Sweet Al, for example, worked for many years, kept long hours and lived in motels or his car, all to provide for his family. 

There were days during the height of winter when our water was out. Al made countless trips to the well on the weekends to thaw out frozen pipes or to prime the pump. When that would fail, he would carry 5-gallon jugs of water up from the river, heating it on our potbellied stove. He never complained and was always willing to put himself in hard places to protect us and serve our needs. What he did wasn’t for acclaim, but to express the love he had for us. 

John F. Kenney once echoed a teaching from the Gospel of Luke, “For of those to much is given, much is required.” Even he recognized the authority that a person is given and from where it comes. 

Unfortunately, many in leadership roles either don’t know the impact of their position or lack the moral compass to execute in a way which honors the one from where their power comes. 

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about the rights of a parent when it involves their children. While there are many opinions in this regard, there is one thing for certain as is written in the Book of Psalms. “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

The responsibility of a child rests firmly in the hands of their parent. He or she is expected to keep their child safe, to protect their mind and build their faith. When a child is violated, it is the parent who has been given the authority to rise and stand for their family. 

Final brushstroke: Like that of a business or a community, the family requires a leader whose power and influence is given for the benefit of others. This role is God-given, with a scope that is predestined. Ours is to understand the authority a leader is given, following their lead as it is pleasing to our sovereign God. 

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