Taking a look at snow depths over the years

2019/02/20190223_094551-118x300.jpg Photos courtesy J.D. Kurz
As of Feb. 23, 53 inches of snow was on the ground at J.D. Kurz’ home near Lake Hatcher.[/caption]

By J.D. Kurz

Special to The SUN

Have we broken any snow depth records this year? To answer that question, I plotted March 1 snow depths over the last 20 winters.

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2019/02/20190225_135533-300x225.jpg Kurz, along with help from his Pagosa Springs High School global science students, pictured on the right near a pile of snow at the school, researched data to plot snow depths over the years.

2019/02/Maximum-Snow-Depth-Over-the-Last-22-Winters-300x186.jpg Illustration courtesy Pagosa Springs High School global science students
J.D. Kurz’ global science students helped create this graph depicting maximum snow depth at the Wolf Creek summit SNOTEL site over the last 22 winters. Each student was assigned a year within the time period and they scrolled through the data (over 7,000 rows) and found the actual date the max snow occurred.[/caption]