Super garage sale to be held at CrossRoad Christian Fellowship


By Stan Counsell

Special to The PREVIEW

Every now and then, people see the need to pass on possessions that they no longer need or to simply make some needed space in and around their home.

Oh, how grateful they are to know that the term “garage sale” means so much to so many people.  CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is holding an “Inside ‘n Outside” sale Aug. 31.  The proceeds will go to a very important need that starts here in Pagosa and extends all the way to Africa.  Many of you will recognize the following names of local citizens that will be blessed by the sale’s proceeds.

Katie Corbett, a graduate of Pagosa Springs High School, and the daughter of Doug and Mosetta McInnis of Pagosa, met her husband when he was a golf pro at Pagosa Springs Golf Club.  Katie, tender yet tenacious, pursued her lifelong desire to become a special education teacher.

Tragically, Katie lost her husband to an unexpected death five years ago.  Now a single mom, with an adorable daughter to care for, Katie pondered the next path she was to take in life.  She had, for many years, felt a desire to go into missionary work helping special needs children from other nations, tribes and villages.  She had worked and studied hard for her degree and now she had the chance to put it to use.

Katie choose to move to Kajabi, Kenya, to teach at Rift Valley  Academy.  It was the perfect path for her; be it children with ADD, ADHD or other important medical or emotional issues, Katie felt “at home” teaching these children.  But, after three years of dedicated service, she was required, by Africa Inland Mission International, to go on furlough to get much-needed rest and reconnect with family and friends.  But, while on furlough, who was qualified to take her place and rightly care for the children?

Curt and Lynell Wiggers, Pagosa residents for 31 years, got reacquainted with Katie while she was visiting with her parents.  When Katie found out that Lynell now possessed a master’s degree in special education, “sparks started to fly” about who could care for the children while Katie was away.  It was like a door opened up and Lynell prayerfully jumped at the chance to serve God in her truly chosen career.

The Wiggers have been fixtures in Pagosa; Curt pastors CrossRoad Christian Fellowship; Lynell is currently working at Pagosa Springs Medical Center, having previously served at Archuleta  County Education Center for 10 years as an alternative high school teacher, GED instructor and administrator.  Regretfully, Lynell will relinquish her current job at the medical  center to pursue her passion of helping needy children.  Curt will be given a sabbatical from his pastoring duties to join Lynell.

The Wiggers intend to leave for Africa in mid December 2013 and return in mid April of 2014.  While Curt has taken several short-term mission trips throughout the world, Lynell hasn’t been able to accompany him.  This time they will be serving together in various positions at the academy.

Serving at Rift Valley Academy isn’t a “piece of cake.” The student enrollment is close to 500, with all teachers and staff receiving no salary — depending on regular gifts from churches and individuals to be a part of this ministry to children.  Financial gifts cover housing, medical insurance, living allowance, vaccinations, airfare and more.

It is believed that the Wiggers will require some $12,000 to cover all needs.  Currently, they have raised $8,500 and need the difference by Nov. 1 to get clearance from African Inland Missions to be a vital part of the academy.

This is where we all come in: you might have items that you no longer need.  Others might have a sincere need for those items.  All of the proceeds will go towards sending the Wiggers to Africa so that Katie can enjoy her well-earned furlough.

CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is located at 1044 Park Ave. (next door to the PLPOA  Recreation Center). The sale will start at 8 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 31.

For added information, contact the church office at 731-4384 or by e-mail at  We hope to see all of you for a very worthy cause.