Sunday Night Unplugged to feature talents of Charles Martinez

By Sally Neel

Special to The PREVIEW

Native American flutist Charles Martinez will bring his exceptional musical skills to Sunday Night Unplugged at 5 p.m. this Sunday evening at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church.

Sunday Night Unplugged offers time for meditation and reflection, utilizing the beauty of music, special readings, prayers and silence. This unique evening service is free and open to the public.

Martinez is no stranger to local music lovers. His beautiful, haunting sounds can be heard at Chimney Rock National Monument during the summer months at the full moon ceremonies. Charles is a frequent guest of Sunday Night Unplugged as well, bringing sounds that reflect the pureness and holiness of nature through his Native American flutes.

Martinez is a native of Pagosa Springs and began playing the Native American flute following a serious illness. He found the music of the flute to be an important source of healing. He learned to handcraft his own flutes in the traditional fashion, each flute unleashing its own unique sound and musical “personality.” Martinez composes his own songs based on the musical sounds of nature and his own spiritual response to those sounds.

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church also has a beautiful outdoor labyrinth located behind the church parking lot that is open to the public at any hour. Guests are encouraged to spend time walking the labyrinth either before or after Sunday Night Unplugged as an additional part of their spiritual meditation.

“Spiritual nurturing is an important part of our walk with God,” said St. Patrick’s rector, Fr. Doug Neel. “We offer Sunday Night Unplugged to all who wish to come and unwind, spending time quietly centering their life on the Holy. It is personal time, a time to regroup, a time to stop, and listen, and pray. Charles’ music is a perfect complement to this hour of meditation. He draws the soul toward a higher force, to the Holy Spirit. It is always a privilege and honor to have him play for us.”

Sunday Night Unplugged is offered the second Sunday evening of the month in the beautiful sacred space of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, located at 225 S. Pagosa Blvd. All are invited to attend.