Spring is almost here

As the official start of spring approaches this month, it’s exciting to start thinking of new gardening possibilities for the summer months. Of course, due to high altitude, a short growing season and variable mountain weather, starting and maintaining an outdoor garden here in Pagosa Country can be a challenge. One way to get a head start on the short growing season and enjoy a more bountiful harvest from your garden this season is to start seedlings indoors.

Sowing seeds indoors in a well-lit, warm environment enables good germination and will allow plants more time to mature before being placed outside for the summer. Even when starting seedlings indoors, it’s important to select crops and varieties that will grow best in cooler mountain climates. While some cold-hardy vegetables like cabbage, endive, peas, kohlrabi, kale, radishes and spinach can be directly sowed outside about one month before the predicted last frost date of June 22, other cold-hardy crops take a bit longer to develop roots and leaves and will benefit from extra growing time indoors.

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