Spread the love on PB&J Day


By Cory Dysinger

Special to The PREVIEW

What if spreading love was as easy of spreading peanut butter?

In honor of National PB&J Day on April 2, groups from all over the country will be making PB&J sandwiches, packing lunches and giving them away to those in need in their communities.

This idea was born one day when Jerry Herships, founder of AfterHours Denver, discovered that there is actually a National PB&J Day. Funny thing is, he already partners with several local churches, corporations and organizations to provide lunches to hungry people in downtown Denver.

This got him thinking: What if we can get as many people as possible to make as many PB&Js as possible and hand them out to as many hungry people as possible?

So, PBJ for Hunger was born.

Hunger is all around us and this is one more thing we can do to help. Sometimes all it takes is one sandwich and your whole outlook changes. So, join with us and “spread the love!”

On Tuesday, April 2, people will gather at Community United Methodist Church to make and distribute PB&J sandwiches.

All are welcome to join in, and all are welcome to get a sandwich.

You can volunteer on Tuesday or simply donate peanut butter, jelly (all flavors), bread and sandwich baggies.

If you have questions or want to volunteer, call Cory at CUMC, at 264-5508.