Spiritual Experiences Group to discuss how to recognize and act on your inner guidance


By Lynnzie Sutton | Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs

You are welcome to come and discover what others have learned as they face the ongoing challenges of life. We will share tools that can help you hear your own inner guidance and ways to access it daily, in every moment.

• How do you recognize the voice of your own inner guidance?

• What are some of the tools you use to navigate daily challenges?

• Once you’ve chosen your next step, how do you act on it?

“Often, people are afraid to follow their inner guidance. It sounds like such a foolish thing to do, especially if they have to face other people and explain why they are doing what they are doing. One of the very strong pressures in life is the social consciousness: What will people think? What will people say?” —Harold Klemp, “ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance.”

The Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs meets at 1 p.m. at the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave. There is never a charge for this discussion, sponsored by Eckankar as a community service; it is open to people of all faiths and beliefs. For more information about Eckankar, visit eckankar.org.