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Species spotlight: Russian knapweed gall wasp


The naming conventions of biocontrol agents are pretty self-explanatory. 

In this case, the Russian knapweed gall wasp is a wasp that forms galls on Russian knapweed. 

Before we take a deep dive into this beneficial, we will quickly define what a biocontrol agent is: an insect or pathogen that controls a pest. Biocontrols are host-specific and only damage the target species.

Russian knapweed gall wasps are tiny, stingless wasps that are about the size of a pinhead. In the spring they emerge as adults from galls formed by their egg and larval form in the stem of Russian knapweed and reproduce before dispersing and laying eggs in the stem of new shoots of Russian knapweed plants. 

They are only active for about 10-15 days as adults before they die, and their progeny start the cycle over again. 

Galling the Russian knapweed plants weakens the root system by requiring more energy in the upward growth and the plants are more susceptible to disease. 

Many patches of Russian knapweed have been infected with rust fungus one season after a gall wasp release. Russian knapweed gall wasps are available from the Palisade Insectary, and locally we have several nursery sites in Archuleta County and can distribute the wasps in gall form. 

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