Snow accumulations now exceeding some roof snow loads


With snow continuing to accumulate throughout Pagosa Country, local officials are warning residents that accumulations may be approaching or exceeding roof snow loads.

Most habitable buildings built since the late 1990s have been constructed with a roof structure that meet a snow load of 65 pounds per square foot. However, if your building was constructed prior to that, it may have been constructed at lower structural weight capacity.

The current weight of the snow with the approximate accumulated 36 inches of snow equates to about 90 pounds square foot.

So, officials warn, if your roof does not shed snow or you have not cleared snow from your roof, the weight of the snow on your roof may exceed your roof's structural capacity.

Officials also stated that if you notice evidence that a roof vent has moved, is bent or is leaning, an inspection of the vent joints in the attic should be conducted to ensure carbon monoxide is not leaking into the building.

Residents should also work to keep vents, meters and hydrants clear of snow.

For more information about keeping your home safe in the snow, see next week's issue of The SUN.