Salazar announces run for sheriff

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Tracy Salazar Tracy Salazar

Tracy Salazar is announcing his candidacy for sheriff.

Salazar, who works in the construction industry, said the biggest challenge he anticipates facing if elected, “would be the complete overhaul of the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department today as a whole has become obsolete, inefficient, and is unable to provide the professional services needed to meet the needs of the people of Archuleta County today and in the future.”

Salazar added that he believes the an overhaul of the office, “would require working with the public, businesses, homeowners associations and have them be a large part of the Sheriff’s office by educating them in neighborhood and rural security, home and self defense laws, citizen arrest tactics, and Open Carry. By doing this one thing alone crime in Archuleta County will drop and so will the budget.”

If elected, Salazar stated in an email that he will push for, “the construction of a new and much needed highly efficient county building that will utilize all nature resources power and would house all the sheriff department, jail, communication center, community garden, all county departments and the Court together under one roof. Rite now the Sheriff’s and County departments are in a bad location. Access to the building it self is difficult, due to lack of and inefficiency of parking which is a drain on the public.”

He also noted that a new building would “be able to operate more efficiently with drastically less overhead.”