Runaway Truck Ramp

Photo courtesy Rachel Smith

Bayfield resident Rachel Smith followed this semi down Wolf Creek Pass on the evening of July 12 and noticed the truck’s brakes smoking. She began videoing as she followed, hoping the driver would make it to the runaway truck ramp. Luckily, he did just that, with the semi’s load of beer then spilling out of the back of the trailer. The SUN asked Smith to make the video public so it could be shared on Facebook, warning it would go viral. Smith wrote in a note to SUN staff Wednesday morning: “And by Saturday night I changed it back to private. It had already had 2.5 million views. I had 356 friend requests from all over the world. 2 news channels in Denver picked it up. And krqe NM aired it last night. My poor phone had been blowing up! Apparently it made the Bobby Bones Show too.” Over 22,966 followers saw the post on The SUN’s Facebook page.