Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs celebrates the start of a new year


Photo courtesy of Pagosa Springs Rotary Club

By Shellie Peterson | Pagosa Springs Rotary Club

The end of June signifies the end of one Rotary year and the beginning of another. 

Last week, the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club members gathered to thank Warren Brown for his year of service as club president and to welcome Cindi Galabota to the position for the upcoming year.

Stacy Clark was selected as the Rotarian of the Year. She was recognized for her boundless enthusiasm and dedication to service and to the club.

The officers of the board of directors of Pagosa Springs Rotary fill vital roles in managing how effective and important the club is to the community. Mike Vanover serves on the board, along with Kenneth Beesly and Bill Salmansohn. Sam Pittmon and Jim Garrett will continue to serve as secretaries. Melanie Garrett will also continue to serve. Pat Tackett will take the position on the board and the office of treasurer. Robert Foster will serve as president-elect.

It was a fun evening and a great beginning of the commitment to this year’s theme: “Create Hope in the World.”