PSHS grads earn more than $500,000 in scholarships


2020/06/PS-High-School-CMYK-300x300.jpgBy Randi Pierce

Staff Writer

Pagosa Springs High School honored 75 graduates of the class of 2020 during a drive-in ceremony Saturday, May 30.

The class of 2020 garnered more than $500,000 in scholarships, many of which are renewable, and had 15 students earn academic distinction.

The class had six students earn the highest distinction with a 4.0 GPA: Alexandria Ashbaugh, DJ Day, Piedra Goss, Mark Holladay, Elsa Lindner and Teagan Stretton.

Those graduates earning great distinction with a GPA of 3.9 are Megan Foster, Gabriela Gallegos, Daniel Laos, Isaiah Stene and Celia Taylor.

Those receiving academic distinction with a 3.8 GPA are Annabelle Bowles, Emma Happ, Tad Hittle and K.C. Yeneza.

The following is a list of the scholarships awarded provided by PSHS Guidance Counselor Mark Thompson as of May 26.

Ashbaugh: American Legion Scholarship, $1,000; Benny Lohman Memorial Scholarship, $250; Chama Peak Land Alliance Scholarship, $500; Dirk and Colt Ross Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Durango Elks Lodge Veteran’s Scholarship, $1,000; UNC Provost Scholarship, $1,250, renewable.

Bowles: Dirk and Colt Ross Memorial Scholarship, $1,000.

Bryonna Armijo: Fort Lewis Presidential Scholarship, $5,000, renewable.

Case Harris: CCU President’s Scholarship, $15,000, renewable.

Cedric Gerdes: Denver Scholarship, $1,000, renewable; Huge Scholarship, $4,000, renewable; Nebraska Wesleyan University Scholarship, $15,000, renewable; NWU Campus Scholarship, $1,000, renewable.

Laos: McKee Vocational Scholarship, $1,000, renewable; Rotary $2,000 Scholarship, $2,000.

Dillinger Day: Colorado School of Mines, Tuition, $20,000, renewable.

Lindner: Allegheny College Scholarship, $37,000; CU Boulder Scholarship, $4,000; St. Lawrence University Scholarship, $39,000.

Happ: CUP John Graves Memorial Scholarship, to be determined; Daniels Fund — full-ride, $50,000, renewable; San Juan Mounted Patrol, $250.

Emzy Tay Barker: John Voelker Memorial Scholarship, $10,000; La Plata County Cattleman & Cowbelles, $1,500; Rotary $2,000 Scholarship, $2,000.

Gallegos: Vic and Ethel Poma Memorial Academic Scholarship, $1,000, renewable.

Grace Thompson: Benny Lohman Memorial Scholarship, $250; Destination Imagination Scholarship, $750; Durango Elks Lodge Scholarship, $1,000; Rotary $4,000 Scholarship, $4,000; Slate Merit Award, $3,500, renewable; WSCU Early Action Award, $500.

Hailey Griego: Patty Aragon Memorial Scholarship, $750.

Stene: CMU Distinguished Scholar, $9,500, renewable; Colorado School of Mines Presidents Scholarship, $2,500, renewable; CSU Merit Scholarship, $2,500, renewable; McKee Professional Scholarship, $4,000, renewable; UCCS Chancellor’s Award, $2,500, renewable.

Jack Foster: Durango Elks Lodge Scholarship, $1,000; Schick Family Memorial Scholarship, $500.

Josselyn Pina: Aim Higher Scholarship, $3,050; Head-Brandy Memorial Foundation Scholarship, $800; Rotary $2,000 Scholarship, $2,000; WHIPS Scholarship, $1,200.

Kaden Hessman: Western Alumni Scholarship, $500.

Kassandra Reyes: Uhl Scholarship, $1,500; WHIPS Scholarship, $1,200.

Yeneza: CU Norlin Scholars Award, $6,000, renewable; Schick Family Memorial Scholarship, $500.

Holladay: Colorado School of Mines PATHS Scholarship, $3,000, renewable; Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Scholar, $20,000, renewable; Hooten Scholarship, $1,000; Rotary $8,000 Scholarship, $8,000.

Mason Blakemore: Chama Peak Land Alliance Scholarship, $500; Peter C. Hobart Scholarship, $1,500.

Megan Foster: Levy-Shear Memorial Scholarship, $4,000, renewable; Moniker Scholarship, $1,000, renewable; Patty Aragon Memorial Scholarship, $750; Rotary $9,000 Scholarship, $9,000; University of Utah Academic Scholarship, $8,000.

Miah Shoffner: Aim Higher Scholarship, $3,050; Borick Scholarship, $5,500; Whit Newton Good Citizen Award, $500.

Nathan Smith: 1st Southwest Bank Scholarship, $500; CCU Beckman Scholarship, $3,000, renewable; CCU Dare to Share Partner Scholarship, $1,250, renewable; CCU Preferred Admit Scholarship, $1,000, renewable; CCU President’s Scholarship, $15,000, renewable; CCU YCCLC Partner Scholarship $1,250, renewable.

Paden Bailey: Beckman Scholarship, $4,500, renewable; CCU Honors Scholarship, $8,000, renewable; CCU Preferred Admission Scholarship, $1,000.

Patty Black: JWU Presidential Academic Scholarship, $15,000, renewable; JWU Skills USA Scholarship, $2,000, renewable; LCC Athletic Scholarship, $4,000, renewable; LCC Colo Pride Scholarship, $1,000.

Peyton Burns: San Juan Mounted Patrol, $250; UCCS Chancellor’s Award, $2,500, renewable.

Goss: College Match — Dartmouth, $76,000, renewable; Durango Elks Lodge Scholarship, $1,000.

Ryan Lewis: Benny Lohman Memorial Scholarship, $250; Vic and Ethel Poma VoTech Scholarship, $1,000.

Sydney Mitchell: CUP John Graves Memorial Scholarship, to be determined; Pagosa Springs Arts Council, $5,000; Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts, $2,500, renewable.

Hittle: Chama Peak Land Alliance Scholarship, $1,000; CMU Merit Scholarship, $3,500, renewable.

Taylor Lewis: Chase Regester Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; FFA Ford Trucks Scholarship, $1,000; La Plata-Archuleta Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship, $1,500; The Ralph Outcalt Scholarship, ASU, $20,000, renewable.

Stretton: CCU President’s Scholarship, $15,000, renewable; UCCS Chancellor’s Award, 2,500, renewable.

Zach Haines: Moniker Scholarship, $1,000 renewable.