Probe of World Jet, Springs Resort continues


Staff Writer

According to multiple Miami, Fla., news sources, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration personnel executed a search warrant Monday at the Fort Lauderdale headquarters of World Jet, Inc. — a company owned by Reginald “Don” Whittington.

Don Whittington is the brother of Pagosa Springs resident William “Bill” Whittington and uncle of the listed owners of The Springs Resort and Spa, Nerissa and Keely Whittington.

World Jet, Inc., a Florida company, lists the same Fort Lauderdale address as The Springs, according to Florida state records.

World Jet, Inc. is suspected of money laundering and drug trafficking, providing aircraft to several drug trafficking organizations, primarily in Central and South America.

In late October, the DEA executed a search warrant on several e-mail accounts linked to World Jet, Inc.

A 35-page affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Grand Junction for the October search warrant implicates The Springs Resort, as well as other businesses owned by the Whittington family, in potential money laundering and drug trafficking offenses associated with World Jet.

For more information, see the Nov. 21 issue of The SUN. The 35-page affidavit is available for download at