‘Powerful Conversations’ workshops set for Sept. 22 and 23


St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church will host a two-day workshop on Sept. 22 and 23, open at no cost to all community members. 

The “Powerful Conversations Workshop” will be held at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 225 S. Pagosa Blvd., on Thursday, Sept. 22, from 2 to 5:30 p.m., and Friday, Sept. 23, from 8:30 a.m. to noon. 

This hands-on workshop equips participants in eight conversational skills that invite exploration and provoke new understanding aimed at inspiring participants’ growth in meaningful ways. These skills include forging alliances, managing one’s self, listening strategically, following resonance, asking powerful questions, following intuition and spirit, and finding the “third story.” 

The workshop will be led by facilitator Michael Warden, who specializes in helping participants focus on how to better engage with friends and family members who have different perspectives. As such, Warden will assist attendees discover the skills necessary to ask powerful questions and find common ground in ways that strengthen trust and deepen understanding. 

Warden is certified in a number of development tools and assessments, including the Leadership Circle 360, the Enneagram for Leaders, Myers Briggs, “Strengthfinder” and the Art of Alignment Process. He is also trained in team coaching and relationship systems work through the Center for Right Relationship.

“Powerful Conversations with your Teen or Tween” is a separate evening session set for Thursday, Sept. 22 from 7 to 8:30 p.m., also at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. Our teens and tweens are growing up in an unsteady and confusing world, and it can be difficult to listen well to the teens and tweens we care for when we feel much is at stake for them. 

Community members are also invited to join in this hands-on evening workshop to develop skills and grow as trustworthy conversational partners with the teens and tweens entrusted to our care. 

Please call the St. Patrick’s office with questions: (970) 731-5801. You can learn more about both workshops and find registration links at www.stpatrickspagosa.org.