Pioneer barber builds a town hall


Abner J. Lewis was born in Rockville, Ind., in 1847, the son of George A. and Mary (Hamilton) Lewis. As a boy, he learned to be a drummer, baker and barber. He moved to Colorado in 1873, settled in Del Norte in 1874, and in 1878 moved to Pagosa Springs when Fort Lewis still occupied the main downtown block. In 1887, he erected the building which later became the Pagosa Springs Town Hall, a regional landmark for many years. He was probably the first barber in Pagosa Springs, served as mayor and filled other positions during pioneer days. He left town in 1904.

Julian E. LaVarta was born Jan.23, 1874, in San Luis, Colo. He died Dec. 29, 1939, at Pagosa Springs. When he was 4 years old, his parents moved to Taos, N.M., and in 1900 he moved to Lumberton, N.M.. Four years later, he married Sophia Trujillo and they had 10 children.

Mrs. Sophia LaVarta, the wife of Julian LaVarta, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Guadalupe Trujillo at Edith in 1894 and passed away in 1929.

Mary Jane Lightfoot was born at Wabash, Ind., Oct. 29, 1840, and died at Pagosa Springs Nov. 14, 1924. She married James Lightfoot in 1862 and they had 10 children.

Frank G. Lister was born at Pagosa Springs March 8, 1920, and died in October of 1964. He was a brother to Joe Lister.

Frances A. Lister was born Oct. 4, 1903, at Taos, N. M., and passed away Jan. 28, 1981. She came to Pagosa Springs when a small girl. Her son was Joe U. Lister.

Rube Lister was born at Rosa, N.M., May 13, 1897. Frances Lister was his wife. He died in July of 1951.

Roberto Lobato was born March 7, 1894, in Antonito, Colo., and died Dec. 11, 1974, in Pagosa Springs.

Mrs. Vitalis Loomis died June 16, 1953, at the age of 91. Her husband, James Loomis, died 37 years ago. She was born in Tierra Amarilla, N. M., July 15, 1862, during the pioneering days of that community.

Charles Isaiah Loucks was born in Ontario, Canada, to Jacob and Nancy Loucks Feb. 16, 1842. At the age of 17, he secured a position as a telegraph operator. At about the age of 25, he left Canada and moved to Fort Scott, Kan. While in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), he married the daughter of a Methodist minister. He and a friend, E.T. Walker, freighted with ox teams a lumber mill to Pagosa Springs by way of Cumbres Pass, arriving June 9, 1879. Turning from sawmilling, he raised cattle, trapped and improved his homestead south of town. He had married Mary Elizabeth Collett in 1875. He died March 20, 1923.

L.G. Loucks was born at Pagosa Springs June 26, 1882, and died Dec. 6, 1928. In July of 1911, he married Ethelyn Graham of Chromo.

Arthur Herbert Loucks was born in Pagosa Springs June 12, 1884, and died Dec. 5, 1958. He married Cora Latta in 1908 at Juanita, Colo.