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Palm trees in Colorado


Palm trees in Colorado. It sounds crazy, but not any crazier than the world we live in.

The Lord said to Joshua, “You are old, advanced in years, and there remains very much land yet to be possessed.”

I take this scripture to heart. I look around and echo those words, “There remains very much land yet to be possessed,” and I add to the sentiment. What a mess this world is in. I thought I was winding up, but there is much to do and little time to do it.

I stopped by a favorite bookstore. The conversation quickly turned to what is happening in the world and where everyone’s mind is today. “Things are going on in ways we never expected. Forty years ago, we studied Bible prophecy, and asked how such things could happen. Well, it’s happening and we are stunned.”

I told the lady, “I was canceled from social media for a remark I made about Jesus. There might be a day the powers-that-be could take away our Bibles.”

She said, “It’s possible. But are people reading the Bible today?”

I don’t know, but I sure hope so. God’s Word is the only thing that we can trust and will get us through these days we are living in. Why can’t people see? The only answer I can figure out is they have turned from God, lost their identity, and the gods of this age have blinded their eyes. They have lost all sense of rationality and haven’t possessed the land for God.

Sometimes I feel like a palm tree in Colorado — where it is highly unlikely for even the hardiest to thrive. But we are planted here, and, yes, we are old and we can still thrive and possess land that belongs to God’s people.

I searched the internet for more information about the needle palm tree. It doesn’t make sense here and the growers warn against such a fierce environment for healthy existence.

These trees possess beneficial properties for surviving bone-chilling temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. They require little water. They grow in various light conditions, even full shade, and can resist common plant pests.

I saw it as a metaphor for where God’s people are planted and what is happening to us. We’re planted here in the Rocky Mountains and redeeming the land. We are stronger than we think.

The needle palm tree can prevent soil erosion because of its dense root system. I believe that is what older people can do, those who have sought God for years and are faithful to His word. Our roots grow dense, deep and strong for this next generation.

We are advised to be aware of the formidable challenges we will face planting palm trees in the mountains of Colorado. Even though the weather is nothing short of extreme, God knows how He has made us and what He’s put in us, our children and grandchildren for the days we will be facing.

We can’t give up. We can’t give in. We must stay strong for each other. The needle palm tree can exist in full shade. Today, full shade covers us. There is a darkness over this world, yet we can retain a vibrant green color in every season. As far as soil, whether clay, loam or sand, we hold strong to the root of Jesus and we thrive.

In Psalm 92 the righteous are compared to the palm tree. We possess many of its qualities.

Palm trees are rare in Colorado and grow better in a group. As Christians, we must stand together. The walls are coming down among denominations. We are a family of One. We need each other.

Final brushstroke: Palm trees are sponsored by the International Palm Society. They conserve endangered palm species and habitat worldwide. We have assurance in Jesus, who is conserving us in these dangerous times. He is the same, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. He takes care of us and we need not fear. There is much land that needs to be possessed.

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