Pagosa youth helping orphans in Uganda


Special to The PREVIEW

You are invited to play Banana Rugby Friday, April 19, at 6 p.m. at Town Park.

Enjoy a donation barbecue and meet Victor Kwedende, the director of three orphanages in Uganda.

The goal is to raise funds for the orphans. Pray and give as the Lord leads you. These orphans are His children.

Friday night is an opportunity for the youth of Pagosa to get a glimpse of how it feels to be a young person in Africa. Pastor Victor desires to increase everyone’s awareness of the ongoing plight of orphans in Africa.

Did you know the annual cost of education for each American student is $10,000, or more? In Uganda, school fees start at $25-30 per month. It is common to find teenagers who haven’t had a chance to learn elementary-grade skills.

Uganda does not have free public education for children. Most schools are privately run and dependent upon parents paying modest school fees. The pervasive poverty regularly forces schools to close or drop non-paying students.

Running water in the home is a rarity. Schools, orphanages and homes are dependent upon someone fetching a 5-gallon jug of water from a community well. The wells are often more than a mile away. Try carrying that on your shoulders just to wash dishes or take a splash bath!

A study of infant and child death in health units found malaria to be the leading cause of death; followed by diarrhea, measles, malnutrition and poverty-associated diseases. These diseases are easily treated with medication and basic medical care, except the supply is very low.

Pastor Victor’s organization is available to host you when you visit them in Uganda. Pastor Victor will be at the barbeqcue and Banana Rugby Tournament on Friday. You can also contact him at (970) 444-2111 or visit his website

For other details, contact Jack Moore at (719) 778-4013. This event is sponsored by several local churches, Young Life and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.